The common festival that is celebrated by the people of Tamil Nadu during the mid January is Pongal. This festival is celebrated in praise of God by the farmers for showing them grace in supplying rain and produce good harvest. The first day is Bhogi day, the second is the Pongal day, and the third is Mattupongal day. During the Pongal season Jallikattu or the taming bull is played and many involve in themselves in this entertaining and thrilling sport. The famous Jallikattu is Alanganallur Jallikattu.


        The marriage occasion of goddess Meenakshi and Lord Sundareeswarar is celebrated during the Tamil Month of Chithirai (April / May). It is believed that the Lord Vishnu as Alagar came from the heaven above to Madurai on a golden horse to attend this grand wedding. Nowadays many marriages are held here. The other festivals are Float festival, Avanimoolam festival and Navarathri festival. Devotees gather in large mass during these grand festivals.

       As described above, about this Temple city and the tourist centers, the Tourists who have not visited this gorgeous place will surely love to visit now. All through the year many number of visitors from other parts of the country and tourists abroad visit this city, which is filled with a serene and pleasant atmosphere.